Faces of the Battle


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Educated in the field of Battle?


1. Put Your Team Together:

  • Each school may decide to enter multiple Teams to represent them.  There are 3 LEAD Members and a maximum of 7 support members in total to be considered 1 team. Remember skill is not good enough. You need passionate teammates who have killer instincts & do not give up.  This is a Hair, Makeup, Nails and Wardrobe competition.  How a Team creates their masterpiece based on a Theme is what will make them win!  The Beauty Schools that they will represent will be mentioned at all times when referring to the Student Teams.
  • Each Team must represent a Beauty School in the US or anywhere in the world. You and your school can decide to field in 1 team per campus or multiple teams.

  • Identify your Pro Mentor who will guide your Team throughout the competition. Beauty Schools can initiate the process by choosing their best students to form a team to come and participate.  Students may also initiate the process and request for the school’s approval to participate.

2. Register Your Team:

  • Fill out the registration form at http://battleofthestrands.us/student/. We are accepting Registration Forms from Feb 15 until 5 days before our last Qualifier Round Scheduled at the IBS Las Vegas on June. We may surprise you with more locations & dates! Hurry! Don’t miss this chance to shine!  Scheduled Qualifier Rounds for the Student Battle are at:
    • The AACS Spring Show Phoenix AZ May 2-5
    • The IBS Las Vegas Show, Las Vegas NV Monday June 23
    • The CEA Annual Convention Ft Lauderdale FL July 25-28
  • A Total of 20 Teams from the US will be chosen to join the Las Vegas Semi-Finals in October.  10 Teams from International Beauty Schools will arrive for Semi Final Rounds on October 4 and the Final Battle on Main Stage on October 6, with the Pro Battle.  The Beauty Schools may choose to have their students wear school shirts and bring school banners.  The Schools will be responsible for the cost of sending their Teams as well.
  • Submit your form ONLINE at http://battleofthestrands.us/student/ or mail them to FRAN LU, Battle of the Strands, Inc. 1000 N Green Valley Parkway, Suite 440-475 Henderson NV, 89074.  Please contact us for any questions: 702-7502410 or send us an email through info@BattleoftheStrands.com Do not forget to tell us which Qualifying Rounds you prefer to attend.

3. Make a 60 second Video & Submit it:

  • While it is NOT REQUIRED, it will surely help the Judges make that choice. With your Iphone, Ipad or any video device, take a video of your team. Remember to keep it short and sweet. Our Judges may decide to only watch the first 60 seconds of your video.

  • Tell us about your Team, your Mentor and your Beauty School and what makes you special?

  • Tell us how quirky you are, how talented and committed you are to this profession. Tell us about your education and how it has helped you grow, your dreams, passion, what you are willing to do, how extreme you are, and above all, why you think you deserve to be a finalist in Vegas.

  • Upload your videos on YouTube and send us the link through: Video@battleofthestrands.com

4. Wait For a Confirmation Letter that will contain options and dates for a Qualifier Round closest to you:

  • Once we receive your video, our representative will confirm your entry at this point. Please request in which qualifying round you would like to join us when submitting your video.   We will contact you to finalize these details. A registration fee of $125 is required upon confirmation of your Team’s participation.

5. Be Ready for the Most Amazing Experience of Your Life!

  • On 4th year, Battle of the Strands has so much in store for all the Pro teams, and for our Student Battle Teams, especially with our TV and media partners.  You will come face to face with Students from Beauty Schools around the world.  At the Semi Finals in Las Vegas, 20 US Beauty Schools will be competing with 10 Foreign Beauty Schools.  A panel of Judges will be asking your Team’s questions about your work in all Qualifying Rounds, at the Semi Finals and at the Final Battle.  Be prepared to show them your passion and your personality!
  • The entire competition will be filmed and you may find yourself on TV. This means if you have any existing contracts with a television network, you must disclose this upon entry. By entering you are aware that joining has no conflict with your existing commitments.

  • Your school must also specify any branding and PR requirements when mentioning their name.

  • Be prepared for photo shoots and filming schedules with our media partners, Surprises are guaranteed around every corner! Many details of the competition are not disclosed to ensure an even playing field. Dates and venues may also change. So keep checking our website for “breaking news”.

Battle of the Strands is not for the mediocre.

Those who JOIN know that they can STRAND UP & BE PROUD of their MASTERY of the ART OF BEAUTY. You know who you are! Don’t wait for this opportunity to pass you by.

So Artists of Beauty and Awesome Schools of Beauty that develop the very best, THIS IS YOUR TIME!


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